Saturday, October 24, 2009

No time

Wish I could keep up more with the blog. I am exhausted when I get home...and I don't want to blog the things that I want to say because I am sure it would come off as passive aggressive and all that rot.

Still love my students and my husband.

Wish I didn't feel lonely lately.

Last wedding of the year next week across the pond.


abi said...

Hi Alison...I'm a totally a lurker coming out to comment. I found your blog through someone (can't at all remember who?) and started reading it because you were talking about moving to NC. I just got married last year and moved here right after the honeymoon from Baltimore, MD. It's been an adjustment for sure. I feel lonely down here too sometimes - it's hard to move to such a different place and try and make new friends/meet people. Anyways, from what you said, I think I live somewhere close to where you live/work and if you ever feel really lonely and want to chat with/meet another NC newbie, let me know. Abi - sourceofjoy at gmail

Emily said...

i'm so sorry that you feel lonely, hon...wish we could go out and get coffee! this whole living-in-different-states thing really sucks, doesn't it? ;-) i totally understand about having no time (and for me, no motivation) to blog. after work, it's just easier to relax for an hour or two...

let's talk soon!! :-)